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Photo: Giulia Fassina

A writer, director and producer since 1981, Stuart has made highly regarded TV drama and movies that have sold around the world, winning him two British Academy (and other) awards.


The Mystery of Suzy Lamplugh (2021)

As the 35th anniversary of Suzy Lamplugh's disappearance approaches, the documentary profiles the victim, the crime, and the chief suspect.

The Secret (2016)

A 4-part true crime drama, starring James Nesbitt as a double-murdering Baptist dentist who killed to be with his lover.

May I Kill U? (2013)

Black comedy starring Kevin Bishop. There’s a psychopath on the cycle path: a vigilante who tweets his murderous way to fame.

Tovarisch, I Am Not Dead (2007)

Cinema documentary about Stuart's father, Garri, who survived and escaped from both the Holocaust and the Gulag

Revelation (2001)

Supernatural thriller with Terence Stamp, James D’Arcy and Udo Kier. A quest that heralds the fusion of science & religion.

Against the War (1999)

Harold Pinter chose Stuart to co-write, produce and direct Against the War, an acclaimed BBC documentary on Kosovo.

Preaching to the Perverted (1997)

In The Guardian’s Top 10 films on BDSM/fetishism and a popular title on the film festival circuit

Deadly Voyage (1996)

Stuart wrote the $6 million HBO/BBC film  that won the Silver Nymph for Best Screenplay at Monte Carlo in 1997

Our Friends in the North  (1996)

Daniel Craig in what became the most successful drama for 15 years on BBC2 and won him another BAFTA for Best Drama.

An Ungentlemanly Act (1992)

Stuart’s feature length debut as writer-director, dramatising the tragicomic beginnings of the Falklands War won him the BAFTA for Best Single Drama.



Stuart Urban at the Rostov Film Festival

Photo: Anastasia Kozmina,

At 13, Stuart had his first film shown at Cannes. The Virus of War was a 16mm drama about a fascist-run island. It is preserved in the National Film Archive. 

After graduating from Balliol College, Oxford, with a first class degree in Modern History, he began directing TV drama. His first feature-length BBC film, ‘An Ungentlemanly Act’ dramatising the first 36 hours of the Falklands War starring Ian Richardson and Bob Peck, won the BAFTA as Best Single Drama and many international awards.


Stuart directed ‘Our Friends in the North’ (1995) starring Daniel Craig, the most successful drama for 15 years on BBC2, which won him another BAFTA for Best Drama Serial. It was voted the number 3 television drama of all time by The Guardian’s critics’ panel.


In 1996, he wrote the $6 million HBO/BBC film ‘Deadly Voyage’, a fact-based crime drama that won Silver Nymph for Best Screenplay at Monte Carlo and proved one of HBO’s most popular movies of the year.

In 1997 Stuart wrote, produced and directed cult comedy Preaching to the Perverted, theatrically released in 23 countries. Cats, cars, clubs and cocktails were named after the film and its characters. The first European film to be revived on Kickstarter, it was rated in 2015 by The Guardian among the top 10 films on kinky sex.


In 1999, Harold Pinter chose Stuart to co-write, produce and direct the hard-hitting documentary Against the War, attacking the NATO bombing of Serbia for the BBC.




Stuart Urban




The Secret - ITV Drama
Stuart Urban - Writer and Executive Producer



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